This site provides an overview of the National Science Education Standards – the standards upon which all elementary science programs are built.
This site provides a clear and easy-to-understand review of the 5-E Learning Model upon which all science lessons should be based.
This site offers a good overview of constructivism and its implications for both teaching and learning science.
This site offers an overview of the basic processes of science education. The site details 13 various processes (as opposed to the 7 shared in the YCP course).
Read the position statement of the National Science Teachers Association about good science programs and good science teachers.
Here you can find a listing of all the Pennsylvania core standards for science as well as for every other subject area.
Learn all the Academic Standards for Science and Technology and Engineering Education for Grades 3, 5, 6, and 8 in Pennsylvania.
This website has a range of videos on a variety of issues related to science teaching and learning.